Learn what drives DevOps success

Play through DevOps scenarios modelled on real-world lessons

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Explore the role of a CIO for a startup, medium or large business.

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Invest and fine-tune your strategic digital initiatives.

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Respond to industry events and examine the effects of your decisions.

Improve your software development and organizational performance.

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Accelerate and enhance your DevOps knowledge and capability.


Track your metrics, respond quickly to change and exploit opportunities.


Be an elite performing leader in software development and organization performance.

How does DevOpsDream work?

Custom-built game engine

Built on decades of delivery experience, industry research and the definitive DORA State of DevOps Report 2019.

Real-world lessons

Simulations modelled on real-world DevOps scenarios, initiatives and events.

Key success metrics

Learn how to measure the success of your software delivery organization and learn what drives that success.


Serverless technology

Our app is serverless! Meaning no servers to maintain and no extra costs when it isn't being played.

Cloud Native

Built in the cloud, by cloud experts. With proven DevOps techniques, we deploy several times a day, keeping our game engine constantly tuned.

Take a look inside DevOpsDream


A simple idea. A complex model.

By making the right strategic choices, you can directly influence your capability to develop and operate software.

The complex model behind DevOpsDream represents the many factors that influence software development performance.

As you play the game, your decisions will directly influence one of the nodes in the model and the effects will flow through to four key metrics, which measure your performance.

Track your performance metrics, refine your strategy

The key to winning the game is to balance the four competing needs of your organisation and to find an optimal outcome.

As in real life, there will be unexpected challenges which you must navigate in order to reach your goal.

Winning isn’t easy, but with a bit of perseverance you should be able to figure out a strategy that lets you improve your score and maybe achieve the DevOpsDream of fast, reliable software delivery!


What are others saying about it?

“I played it several times. In the Start Up, it was 'quite easy', for the other companies, even with more budget it's much more complex. I really like it and recommended my colleagues for a playful introduction to DevOps”

~ Arne Rossmann - Head of AI Engineering ~ Germany

“Love this game from the team at Mech Rock. A lot of subtle education going on in the best way possible. I think these types of ideas have a lot of potential.“

~ Brian Foody - CTO ~ WA