The Accelerate State of DevOps Reports

So you want to know how to ‘WIN’ with DevOps?

Organisations are increasingly reliant on software to run their business and maintain their competitive edge.

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) assessed software development over the past five years and published an annual report on the current state of the art.

In their assessment DORA established strong statistical models which underpin high performing software development organisations and further, they link this to overall organisational effectiveness (which includes things like productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction).

At the heart of DORA report is a model for Software Delivery & Operational performance (SDO) - the ability to build and operate software systems.

Software Delivery & Operational Metrics

SDO performance is directly linked to four key metrics:

Key metrics and their hierarchical relationship. Lead time and change fail associated with deployment frequency. Change fail and availability influence time to restore
(Image credit: DORA, 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps)

The DORA model goes on to establish a series of factors that drive these metrics.

“A culture of psychological safety contributes to SDO performance, organizational performance, and productivity, showing that growing and fostering a healthy culture reaps benefits for organizations and individuals. Investments in code maintainability, loosely coupled architecture, and monitoring help support SDO performance (via continuous delivery) and productivity (via reductions in technical debt), highlighting the importance of good tooling and systems.” - 2019 DORA Report.1

The model presented in “DevOpsDream” is based on the findings of the DORA report, but extended with some of our own observations of what works and doesn’t work in the world of DevOps. You may dispute our opinions or the outcomes, but the game is not intended to be simplistic formula for ‘deploying’ DevOps – it is intended to provoke introspection and reflection upon the (conscious or unconscious) decisions you have made when building your software development capability.


[1] Nicole Forsgren, Dustin Smith, Jez Humble and Jessie Frazelle (2019, August 23). 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report. Retrieved from products/devops-sre/the-2019-accelerate-state-of-devops-elite-performance-productivity-and-scaling